Single Ply Roofing Membrane

single-ply rubber membrane roofing

Top quality single-ply rubber membrane roofing in Hereford

Whether you need traditional roofing or something more durable and affordable, Mal Morris Roofing can offer many options. Based in Hereford, we serve the domestic and commercial clients across Herefordshire.

Fully guaranteed Resitrix roofing systems

There are four types of Resitrix roofing products: 
  • Resitrix SK Partial Bond, which is a partially self-adhesive seam-weldable EPDM waterproofing membrane, 
  • Resitrix SK W Full Bond, which is a self-adhesive seam-weldable EPDM waterproofing membrane with FLL test certificate, 
  • Resitrix MB, which is the waterproofing membrane specially for mechanical fixing and 
  • Resitrix CL which is the classic waterproofing membrane that has proved its worth with many years of excellent service on a large number of flat roofs.  

Depending on your budget, the experts at Mal Morris Roofing will suggest a roof repair or replacement plan. All our work is guaranteed for 20 years. 

Flat roofing experts

Single-ply rubber roofing membrane is one of the most popular and durable roofing materials. It is an extremely durable synthetic rubber roofing membrane suitable for flat roofs, green roofs and more. It is far superior as it lasts longer. We also install garden roofs and other eco-friendly roofing systems at great prices.
Flat roofing
 rubber membrane

Our single-ply rubber membrane services cover

  • Installation for flat roofs
  • Flat roof repairs
  • Flat roof Insulation
  • Balcony flat roofs
  • Garage roofs
  • Patio slabs on the roof
  • Rubber mats
  • Timber decking
All the joints we make are hot air welded. This means there are no naked flames involved, making the process much safer and cleaner.
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